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If ignorance is really bliss, you should be happy. You should be happy. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Leaving [Apr. 10th, 2009|03:12 pm]
[mood |excitedexcited]

For Sakura-con 09! See y'all on Sunday. I'll bring pictures. ^^

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omgomgomg [Nov. 5th, 2008|11:23 am]
[mood |ecstaticecstatic]

Obama won and is our 44th president. Fuck yes.
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The appendix; For Alain [May. 1st, 2008|05:07 am]
[mood |sleepysleepy]

The appendix, now, has NO use whatsoever, and it actually bad for you to have. "Given the appendix's propensity to cause death via infection, and the seeming perfect health of those who have had their appendix removed, the biological purpose of the appendix has mystified scientists for some time. There have been cases of people who have been found, usually on laparoscopy or laparotomy, to have a congenital absence of an appendix. There have been no reports of impaired immune or gastrointestinal function in these people."

Some things that it might have been used for:
Digesting foliage
Acting as a lymphatic organ
William Parker, Randy Bollinger, and colleagues at Duke University proposed that the appendix serves as a safe haven for useful bacteria when illness flushes those bacteria from the rest of the intestines.

Totally useless. I'm going to bed now.
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The emo song! [Mar. 2nd, 2008|09:16 am]
[mood |amusedamused]

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This is my giant cat that I suspect is actually a dog [Feb. 24th, 2008|03:34 pm]

That's Clyde
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I got it [Jan. 19th, 2008|08:35 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]

Went to Borders, long story, blah blah. Had ten dollars in my pocket, they FINALLY had "The fountainhead" because 'someone' has been complaining about it. I got 30 cents back in change.
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This reminded me of Seth and Alain [Nov. 28th, 2007|05:07 pm]
[mood |awakeawake]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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I know you said you didn't like it.... [Nov. 6th, 2007|08:52 pm]
[mood |artisticartistic]

But I wantd to say happy birthday to you Seth. So, me and Leila made this. Congrats, the first heart she ever drew on purpose is on there.

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(no subject) [Aug. 19th, 2007|10:55 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]

Happy birthday Alain. 25, wow.

And congrats for tomorrow to both of you.
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Overflow. [Jul. 17th, 2007|07:24 pm]
[mood |busybusy]

Ok. Just incase all my notepad things get deleted too (annoying) I'm posting myself a reminde dof all the songs/ bands that people have suggested I listen to. Now, I do have some of these songs, but if my notepad things get deleted so will they and I haven't memorized everything because the computer is getting reformatted or something.

"Me and Her" by Heavens to Betsy
Babes in toyland- Fontanelle
Jungle train
Short song
Magick flute
wont tell
quiet room
Handsome and greel
Blue bell
right now
bruise violet ( Hehe, sounds like me right now)

Go to hell (fuck MTV mix)
Virus (pestilence mix)
Godlike (doglike mix)
Leibesleid (infringement mix)
Die now-live later (born again mix)
Disgust (live in Seattle)

KMFDM-What do you know, Deutschland
Kicken' ass
Me I funk
What do you know Deutschland
Itchy bitchy
sieg sieg

High School Yearbook" by Stockyard Stoics
Fei comodo - Break the ice
Single File - Zombies Ate My Neighbors
The Cliks - Different Girl
Gay for Johnny Depp - Sex in Your Mouth
Earwig - Drag
Aus Rotten - Modern Day Witch Hunt
Team Dresch - I'm Illegal
Action Action - Paper Cliché
My Chemical Romance - My Way Home is Through You
The Germs - No God
Leftover Crack - Gang Control
Teen Girl Squad - Chumbly Wumbly Bear
Paramore - Misery Business
Nightmare of You - No Uniform is Gonna Keep You Warm
Nightmare of You - Dear Scene, I Wish I Were Deaf
Limp Wrist - What's Up With the Kids?
Pink Spiders - Hollywood Fix
Choking Victim - 500 Channels
The Clash - Lost in the Supermarket
Bratmobile - Do You Like Me Like That?
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Art Star
Bright Eyes - A Perfect Sonnet
This is Hell - Wreck Your Life
He is Legend - Either They Decorated for Christmas Early or They're All Dead
MDC - America's So Straight
The Dicks - No Fuckin' War
The Vincent Black Shadow - Letters to No One
The Vincent Black Shadow - Ghost Train Out
Dethklok - Banana Stickers
Bush - Alien
The Cranberries - Zombie
The Robot Ate Me - Crispy Christian Tea Time

The Velvet Underground
The Stooges
Patti Smith

Bad Brains (Hardcore punk with a hint of reggae.)
Dead Kennedys
The Adicts (Great Brit-punk band.)
Misfits (Classic horrorpunk band. Check out the early Glenn Danzig-era).
Dead Boys
Richard Hell and the Voidoids (Excellent New York City punk rock. Same guy from Television.)
Bad Religion (Something with a bit more radio-friendly sound. Many punk bands can be an acquired taste. BR is a lot easier to get in to.)

Chris Vrenna – American McGee's Alice
Queens Of The Stone Age - Queens Of The Stone Age
My Bloody Valentine – Loveless
The Jesus and Mary Chain – Automatic
Tool - Undertow
Siousxie And The Banshees - Kaleidoscope

oo fighters
tims like these

stone sour

collective soul


so much for the afterglow

stone temple pilots
interrstate love song

new disease

Theory of a dead man
nothing could come between us

I dont want to wait forever

stone temple piolets
sex type thing

local h
bound for the floor

Then there are the things Seth sent but I have htose wrote down in my notebook, and on my myspace.

Oh. And Babes In Toyland. Wow.

I have them wrote down too.
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